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Sample Design: Clear Creek Aquatic Habitat Condition Assessment Reaches

Sample Design: Clear Creek Aquatic Habitat Condition Assessment Reaches
ID: 1436
State: Finalized
  • State: Finalized
  • Owner: Keith Steele
  • Spatial Design Category: Census: Full
  • Data Repository: <none>
  • Snapshot: 8/5/2015
  • Snapshot by: Paul Clayton
  • Sites in Design: 66
  • Has Location Privacy: No

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The objective of the Aquatic Habitat Condition Assessment and Fish Population Monitoring project is to provide an inventory of habitat conditions, establish a baseline for impact analyses, and to document fish distribution and relative abundance in the Clear Creek watershed on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest near Kooskia, Idaho. Results from the assessment will serve as a reference point for comparison with future surveys to evaluate habitat conditions and processes, water quality parameters, and population changes over time as a result of resource management in the basin. Of particular importance is the current spatial distribution and relative abundance of
salmonid species in the basin. The location of quality habitat for steelhead and salmon spawning and rearing, the overall importance of the drainage for these species, and the existence of upstream barriers will inform resource management decisions within the watershed.

Sample Design Parameters

  • 1 Panel
  • Is not categorized

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