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Sample Design: General Parr Monitoring (1991-073-00) WSE 131444

Study Design: General Parr Monitoring (1991-073-00)

Sample Design: General Parr Monitoring (1991-073-00) WSE 131444
ID: 5350
State: Finalized
  • State: Finalized
  • Owner: Eric Stark
  • Spatial Design Category: Ease of Access
  • Data Repository: <none>
  • Snapshot: 12/5/2017
  • Snapshot by: Eric Stark
  • Sites in Design: 16
  • Has Location Privacy: No

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Sample Design Parameters

  • Is not categorized

Start Year


Study Design

General Parr Monitoring (1991-073-00)





Map of Sites

Stratum Panel Occasion

Area of Inference


AOI Notes


Below is a list of User Samples from which this design is drawing sites.



The histogram charts below show the distribution of this sample design’s sites across the various panels and strata.