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Sample Design: Prineville1
ID: 2510
State: Finalized
  • State: Finalized
  • Owner: Scott Miller
  • Spatial Design Category: Generalized Random Tessellation Stratified (GRTS)
  • Data Repository: <none>
  • Snapshot: 3/10/2016
  • Snapshot by: Scott Miller
  • Sites in Design: 120
  • Has Location Privacy: No

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The details of this Sample Design, including all the parameters used to generate it, are included below. Sample designs must belong to a Study Design.



Sample Design Parameters

Start Year


Study Design

BLM AIM Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring (AIM) of Wadeable Lotic Systems





Map of Sites

Stratum Panel Occasion

Area of Inference


AOI Notes


This sample design is based on master sample: Bureau of Land Management Lotic

Details of this master sample:


This sample design started with an initial frame of 67,033 sites, based on its master sample. The criteria (based on the master sample's attributes) were then used to refine the sample frame down to 1,905 sites:

Criteria Group 1

Target Population

Perennial streams and rivers on BLM in the Prineville, FO

Reporting units: District, small streams + large streams, rivers other



This design uses the following attributes to create the stratification shown below. Each row in the table represents a stratum. This design’s panels are also shown in the table, even if it uses only a single, default panel.

Sample Attributes
  Attribute   Values In Frame
  StreamOr_1 6 Values: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Attributes # Sites In Frame Frame Length (km) Stratum Attributes Panels
StreamOr_1 Stratum Name Stratum Abbr. Default
1 597 298 1.0 S1 14
2 253 126 2.0 S2 6
3 176 88 3.0 S3 4
4 265 132 4.0 S4 6
5 149 75 5.0 S5 7
6 465 232 6.0 S6 13
TOTAL 951 km    

Below is the complete list of sample sites that were drawn using the criteria for this sample design.

Number of sites before generating the GRTS sample: 1,905
Number of sites after generating the GRTS sample: 120
Number of oversamples: 70
Number of panels: 1
Number of strata: 6




The histogram charts below show the distribution of this sample design’s sites across the various panels and strata.

  Schema   Attribute   Description