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Repository: Kootenai Ecosystem Database

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Repository: Kootenai Ecosystem Database
Created by Jacque Schei on 2/26/2013
Updated by Jacque Schei on 2/26/2013
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Kootenai Ecosystem Database


This project strives to recover a productive, healthy and biologically diverse Kootenai River ecosystem, with emphasis on native fish species rehabilitation. Specifically,it is designed to aid the recovery of important fish stocks, i.e. white sturgeon, burbot, bull trout, kokanee and several other salmonids important to the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho and regional sport-fisheries.

Begun in 1994, this project was designed to identify limiting factors affecting the ecosystem and provide solutions which will restore complexity and function to the ecosystem. In 2000, an annual multi-trophic level and water quality biomonitoring program was initiated on the mainstem of the Kootenai River (B.C., MT, and ID) as well as key tributaries in order to determine ecosystem productivity, diversity, and complexity below and above Libby Dam, a major hydroelectric facility on the river. The Kootenai River biomonitoring and nutrient restoration components of this project are a cooperative effort between the Idaho Fish and Game Department and the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho.

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