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Repository: Action Effectiveness Monitoring

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Repository: Action Effectiveness Monitoring
Created by Rebecca Scully on 12/31/2014
Updated by Rebecca Scully on 1/5/2015
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Action Effectiveness Monitoring


The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and its partners develop a consistent, rigorous, and cost-effective approach for evaluation of habitat actions implemented and the impact on habitat and fish under the Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program. This site meets the data management needs of a coordinated, programmatic action effectiveness monitoring (AEM) program proposed by BPA to meet the Council and ISRP recommendations. This program is funded by BPA and implemented by NOAA and TetraTech LLC with Regional partners including but not limited to CRITFC, CTUIR, CTWS, NPT, ODFW, Terraqua Inc., Quantitative Consultants Inc., Ecological Research and ODFW







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