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Repository: WA SRFB Action Effectiveness Database

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Repository: WA SRFB Action Effectiveness Database
Created by Rebecca Scully on 1/5/2015
ID: 1188

WA SRFB Action Effectiveness Database


Tetra Tech is implementing a project effectiveness monitoring program at the reach scale for the Washington Salmon Recovery Funding Board.  This program is intended to provide a statewide, programmatic approach to monitoring the effectiveness of categories of projects that are commonly funded by the SRFB.  Categories include fish passage, instream habitat, riparian planting,l livestock exclusion, floodplain enhancement, spawning gravel placement and habitat protection.  Data have been used to refine project design and implementation plans and to better target funding of restoration.


Not currently available on line. Data is stored in an Access data base on TT servers. Some data is available at





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