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Repository: Coordinated Assessments

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Repository: Coordinated Assessments
Created by Rebecca Scully on 8/11/2016
Updated by Rebecca Scully on 8/11/2016
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Coordinated Assessments


The Coordinated Assessments database is a searchable archive of population-scale, high level indicator data for fishes.  Indicators to date (August 2016) mostly have been chosen to reflect viable salmonid population (VSP) criteria, and include number of spawners, smolt to adult return rates, juvenile recruits per spawner, adult recruits per spawner, juvenile population size, smolt numbers, and proportionate natural influence (PNI).  We expect to add indicators for hatchery programs and populations, and for resident fish populations. and


This multi-agency project is broadly directed, and developed, and data are provided by, many state, federal, and regional agencies, Native American tribes and tribal organizations, and private consultants. Central computer and information systems are managed by Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission.





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