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Repository: Chief Joseph Hatchery M&E Database

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Repository: Chief Joseph Hatchery M&E Database
Created by Jacque Schei on 11/14/2012
Updated by Andrea Pearl on 2/22/2018
ID: 135

Chief Joseph Hatchery M&E Database


The main objectives of the data system development project are to provide the CJHP with a user-friendly, centralized, accurate and reliable way to input, store, manage and analyze program data using a similar concept as successfully developed for Colville Confederated Tribes habitat projects, harvest and the Resident Fish Program. The data system incorporates the following “projects” for spring and summer/fall Chinook as outlined in the CJHP Monitoring and Evaluation Plans; November 2009 and this 2012 update: The database provide access and management of large datasets and provide analytical routines to assist biologists and managers in making decisions about the hatchery, RM&E and adult management operations and activities. Specific functions include managing data from: Wells Dam enumeration Okanogan and other weir data Spawning Grounds – spawning locations and success Hatchery facilities Juvenile outmigration – trap counts and predation ISIT and AHA analysis Statistical Analysis The Annual Program Review Annual and semi-annual reporting

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