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Repository: DFO - Pacific Region Zooplankton Database

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Repository: DFO - Pacific Region Zooplankton Database
Created by Jacque Schei on 5/27/2010
ID: 62

DFO - Pacific Region Zooplankton Database


The Fisheries and Oceans, Pacific Region Zooplankton Database is a MS Access Application for data entry, storage, and retrieval of Zooplankton and related data. The zooplankton database holds about 350 000 detail species records from about 9 500 oceanographic sampling stations. Zooplankton tow data includes most of the North-east Pacific Ocean from 42-65 degrees North and from 120-180 degrees West plus additional holdings of data collected both in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Data projects include GLOBEC, JGOFS, COPRA, plus several other zooplankton-related projects collected between the early 80's to present data (mission, date, positions, net types, etc.) and Station Detail data (genus, species, sub-species, length, weight, split fractions, etc.). Data entry uses user-friendly forms with lookup tables for various information. Station Header information may be entered during a research mission using any computer with Access XP and can later be uploaded to the Master database. Station Detail is entered after analysis on any computer with Access XP and a network connection. The database is constructed for a multiple-user environment. The Zooplankton Database is available for use by other government institutions, university research facilities, and private research groups.


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