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Repository: Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership website

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Repository: Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership website
Created by Jacque Schei on 5/27/2010
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Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership website


The Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership, one of 28 programs in the National Estuary Program, is a two-state, public-private initiative. Using a watershed approach, the Estuary Partnership cuts across political boundaries - integrating 28 cities, 9 counties, and the states of Oregon and Washington over an area that stretches 146 miles from Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean. The Estuary Partnership is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation with a 21 member Board of Directors representing the diverse interests and geography of northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. Our primary responsibility is to implement the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Lower Columbia River (Management Plan). The Management Plan was developed by bringing together diverse interests to reach consensus on how to protect this complex portion of the Columbia River. Its actions are based on scientific studies, the visions and objectives developed for seven priority issues, and significant input from citizens of the lower Columbia River and estuary. The Management Plan has no regulatory authority, and the Management Plan actions rely on voluntary participation. The plan continues to be supported by a broad stakeholder group now engaged in its implementation.


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