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Repository: NorWeST Regional Stream Temperature Database

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Repository: NorWeST Regional Stream Temperature Database
Created by Jacque Schei on 11/25/2013
Updated by Jacque Schei on 11/25/2013
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NorWeST Regional Stream Temperature Database


The NorWeST webpage hosts stream temperature data and geospatial map outputs from a regional temperature model for the Northwest U.S. The temperature database was compiled from hundreds of biologists and hydrologists working for dozens of resource agencies and contains more than 45,000,000 hourly temperature recordings at more than 15,000 unique stream sites. These temperature data are being used with spatial statistical stream network models to develop an accurate and consistent set of climate scenarios for all streams.

Temperature data and model outputs are posted to the website after QA/QC procedures and development of the final temperature model within a river basin. It is hoped that open access to the data and the availability of accurate stream temperature scenarios will foster new research and collaborative relationships that enhance management and conservation of aquatic resources.


If you have data you’d like to contribute, there are several database people working on this full time and it’s almost a painfree experience to transfer data. We just need copies of the raw data files & site locations dropped to an ftp site we’ve established for this purpose Please contact Sherry Wollrab (; 208.373.4371) or Gwynne Chandler (; 208.373.4372) if you have any questions.






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